Our Services
Today's motor vehicle has become very sophisticated with electronic engine management systems controlled more often by on board computers; the days of tinkering with your vehicle's electrics are becoming a thing of the past.

These highly sophisticated systems require up to date diagnostic equipment and fully trained technical staff. Fortunately, we have both requirements to cover the diverse aspects of this specialism and offer the following services.

  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • Airbags
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Vehicle Instrument Panels
  • CPU
  • Seat Adjustments
  • Mirror Adjustments
  • Auto Control Module
  • Parking Sensors
  • Power Train Control Module
  • Climate Control
  • Engine Management
  • Alarm Installation
  • Wringing & Fuses
  • Relays & Sensors
  • Car Batteries

Jeff Mills Auto Electrics specialise in Vehicle Diagnostics and electrical repair. State of the art equipment including many dealer tools are used to quickly diagnose and repair all vehicle faults.

Modern vehicles are equipped with a vast array of Electronic control units and sensors and are often replaced unnecessarily and more importantly at great expense, Your Expense!

At Jeff Mills Auto Electrics you are at the right place. We experience in Vehicle Electronics, you can rest assured that all faults will be quickly diagnosed and any faulty parts will be detected using a combination of main dealer diagnostic tools, signal drivers and an oscilloscope. Ensuring that your costs are kept low and faults are fixed every time.

Our workshop is equipped with very modern high tech diagnostic equipment and technical information systems. We give you a choice to use genuine or  alternative components, which are sourced from the original manufacturer or approved suppliers

At Jeff Mills Auto Electrics we specialise in European, Japanese and local Family, Commercial and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles. They include Honda, Ford, Holden, Daihatsu, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Subaru, Toyota, Kia

Our service include:

ECU Scans
Scans engine and transmission computer memory for fault codes, check live data from engine sensors.

Injector Cleaning

Remove injectors from vehicle, check spray pattern & flow, fit new filters, refit to engine.

Air Condition Service & Repairs

Jeff Mills Auto Electrics mechanics keep your AC working in tip-top shape with a performance check that looks for loose belts and any improper AC operation.

Mould and bacteria growth in the vehicle’s air conditioning system causes:

Mouldy odours are often the first sign of trouble, but motorists can grow accustomed to the very gradual onset of the smell and not realise the vehicle is contaminated.

Until the problem is pointed out to them. By this time SCS could be apparent, with drivers experiencing hay fever type symptoms, eye irritation and bronchial infections. Read more